World Of Tanks Vs World Of Warplanes And Warships

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World Of Tanks Vs World Of Warplanes And Warships

Beitragvon aaronpawlak » Sa 17. Mär 2018, 10:43


I am an avid WoT player, usually playing many games per day. Just want to get others impressions of the game as well as comparison to the other games has, WoW and WoW. Being an aviation site I wonder how many of the folks here on this site like World of Warplanes? I tried the beta and found it very difficult to play, much more so than the WoT site. Also, I think the World of Warships game should be much easier to navigate and play than the World of Warplanes game. Can't wait to try the beta for Warships and really cant wait to see how the integrated version of bringing all three sites together. I still love the WoT original and my personal favorite vehicle is the Hellcat. I love the 90mm gun on it and the speed. Also, for fun I still hang on to my T-26 as it is just fun. My favorite heavy is the E-100!

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Re: World Of Tanks Vs World Of Warplanes And Warships

Beitragvon Pissompons66 » Mo 3. Sep 2018, 01:53

Ich liebe immer noch das WoT-Original und mein persönliches Lieblingsfahrzeug ist die Hellcat. Ich liebe die 90mm Kanone drauf und die Geschwindigkeit. Auch zum Spaß halte ich immer noch an meinem T-26 fest, da es einfach Spaß macht. Mein lieblings Schwerer ist der E-100!

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